We brew over 100 different beer styles every year and match with  the best beer food brewed from scratch by our great Chef. We have a wide selection of draft beers all brewed on site  fresh and delicious. There is also a great selection of wines, spirits, cider and non-alcoholic drinks. There's something for everyone to enjoy for lunch, dinner, happy hour and late night fun.

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Regular Beers

Our regular beers are most popular mainstay beers you can enjoy anytime at the Brew House.

Full Steam

European Lager – Full strength lager with moderate hopping from Noble European hops balanced by full malt character.

 4.6% ABV   27 BU   5 Malts   3 European hops in 2 Gifts


Brunswick Bitter

Australian Ale - Bright amber hued ale with fruity hop flavours and bitterness in tune with yeast and malt flavours to provide a flavoursome moreish taste.

 4.6% ABV   24 BU   5 Malts   3 Australian hops in 2 Gifts

Pacific Breeze

Pacific Ale - This sessionable beer is driven by Australian aromatic fruit salad and citrus hop flavours, while in perfect harmony with the malt and yeast derived flavours to deliver easy drinking refreshment.

4.4% ABV   24 BU   4 Malts   2 Australian hops in 3 Gifts and dry hopped

Collingwood Draught

Australian Lager - Classic New World lager, moderately bitter and enriched with Australian aromatic hops for complexity while maintaining balance and drinkability.

4.6% ABV   18 BU   5 Malts   3 Aus hops in 3 Gifts

Hop Star

American Pale Ale - American style pale ale with malt character in balance with medium bitterness and citrusy hop flavours from hop treatment.

4.6% ABV   40 BU   6 Malts   3 Aus hops and 1 US hop in 5 Gifts and dry hopped

Rip Snorter

Australian IPA - An IPA with an Aussie twist on US style at 4.9% ABV and utilizing predominantly Australian, and a touch of US hops to achieve a flavour profile balancing malt and big bitter fruity citrus and resin hop characteristics.

4.9% ABV   40 BU   5 Malts   2 Aus hops and 1 US in 2 doses and dry hopped

Special Release Beers

The Special Release Beers are our rotating selection of draft beers selected monthly by our Brew Master. These beers include our seasonal beers and unique complex development beers. All Special Release Beers are posted in real-time, but quantities are limited so when they are finished, we’re out.


Agave & Yuzu Saison

This beer uses a special saison yeast to produce a spicy crisp style , which is then infused at various stages of the brew with agave syrup, a sweetener derived from agave sap, and the japanese citrus fruit yuzu.

5.8% ABV   8 BU

Pomegranate & Raspberry Berliner Weisse

Kettle soured using lactobacillus and brewed using pomegranate juice and raspberry puree creating a refreshing, fruit forward, tart sour beer.

5.2% ABV 

Blood Orange Gose

Brewed with malted wheat, with flavours of lemon sourness & saltiness paired with the acidity fresh blood oranges bring to create a refreshing, crisp Gose

6.0% ABV

Big 'N' Juicy NEIPA

Supercharged tropical fruit flavours to make a juicy east coast blend. Heaps of oats and wheat added to give it its hazy colour. Hops include Citra, Melba, Cascade & Galaxy

5.1% ABV   40 IBU

Mango & Passionfruit Milkshake IPA

Brewed with Mosaic & Galaxy Hops and then infused with mango and passionfruit puree and finally lactose added to create a creamy mouthfeel. 

6.5% ABV

Coconut Porter

Brewed using cacao nibs, coconut and vanilla essence to create this dark, rich and sweet porter

4.8% ABV



IIPA - A  Double IPA with rich hop aromatics from a blend of 3 US and 2 Australian hops designed to bring out fruit and spice married to big malty flavours. Bright with a tight creamy head.

8.5% ABV   70 BU   4 Malts   2 Aus hops and 3 US hops in 4 Gifts and dry hopped

Dark Prince

SPECIALITY ALE  - A  deep ruby hued IPA, marrying Australian and US specialty hops to give fruit salad and citrus flavours balanced with coloured and roast malts for a complex malty palate.

6.5% ABV   65 BU   5 Malts   2 Aus hops and 1 US in 2 Gifts and dry hopped

You Clever Boy

Pale Ale - An Aussie twist on US PA to produce very sessionable drinking enjoyment from fruity and citrus hops nicely balanced with malty notes.

4.5% ABV   12 BU   4 Malts   1 Aus hops and 3 US hops in 4 Gifts and dry hopped

You Very Clever Boy

Session IPA -  This complex beer marries 5 gifts of Australian and US hops and a number of malts to achieve a flavour profile balancing malt and big bitter fruity citrus and resiny hop characteristics while maintaining drinkability.

5.4% ABV   40 BU   4 Malts   4 US hops in 3 Gifts and dry hopped

Collingwood Dry Hopped

Dry Hop Lager - Collingwood's malty flavours enhanced by dry hopping with apricot/mango flavours of an exciting experimental Aussie hop variety to produce a surprising twist to a house favourite.

4.6% ABV   18 BU   5 Malts   4 Aus hops in 3 Gifts and dry hopped