Brewers’ Cottage

Fully restored and Heritage protected.  Our Brewers Cottage is a significant and rare example of a very early Victorian working man’s cottage constructed in 1850, a mere 15 years after the founding of the town of Melbourne, Australia.  Inside we store and condition our rare barrel aged speciality beers as well as display books and historical brewing artefacts from Australia and around the world.

And yes, it is haunted.  Our two resident ghosts are Mr Burkett – a Quarryman – and James Duff (no relation to Homer Simpson!) who respectively passed away here in 1880 and 1915.  We don’t recommend anyone stay in the cottage alone.  Our ghostly inhabitants are very protective of our brewery and carefully watch over everything.  If you do visit, make sure you leave a full glass or two of our beers in the cottage dining table – we promise the beers will be gone in the morning!



Our Historical Brewing Library

There’re plenty of great antique Australian and international brewing books and records in our library – this keeps our haunted guests somewhat distracted.   Cottage tours are available during our Open Days.  So please check our events page.

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