Regular Beers

We offer $15 Growler refills for our regular beers – Brunswick Bitter, Collingwood Draught, Hop Star, Full Steam – every day!  Great value, great fresh beers.

To access this offer,  just drop into our brewery.  Simply ask to join our VIP Growler Club.  You initially pay $25 which includes a 1.89litre growler, a cozy and any regular beer of your choice.  When you’ve finished, simply come back and we’ll swap your bottle for a fresh one.  (Due to hygiene and other health regulations, we regretfully cannot fill other growler bottles.)


When you join our VIP Growler Club – you can access our Mystery Taps!  These are free tastings and growler fills of speciality and new development beers not available outside the brewery.

Just come to the brewery and ask the staff for the latest Mystery Tap offerings – they will be happy to help you.

PRESIDENT’S RESERVE (Pre-sold by allocated reservation only)

Our President’s Reserve Series are our finest speciality beers aged in unique wooden barrels sourced from  some of  the world’s best small local and international wineries and distilleries.

Each barrel contains 50-200 litres of our finest speciality beers and aged in our temperature controlled Brewers Cottage for up to 2 years, sometimes longer.

To purchase a  President’s Reserve  allocation, you must book in advance of the estimated release date.  You will be entitled to taste your beer as they develop direct from the wooden keg from time to time.  The  brewers will decide when to release your beer.

Every President’s Reserve is a one-off experience and no President’s Reserve is repeatable.  You can purchase your allocation in 750 ml lots in a special single use growler format.

Check out the Presidents Reserve Barrels we currently have under development and contact us for availability and prices in person at the brewery.

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